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Can't Find Sox File Format Identifier

If you are getting this "Can't Find Sox File Format Identifier" massage Pop-up alert, There are two main reasons that may cause that, Please follow those 2 steps before submitting a support ticket:

1.Its means that the AGwatermark App can not locate your watermark file, Please make sure that if you are using your own pre-made preset and that you keep the Audio Watermark File at the same location at the same place when created your preset.(our recommendation is to place those watermark files in your user "Document folder")

2. Your watermark or your original files names contain some invalid characters or  some quote mark "", Please make sure that your files have only letters and numbers!

Here is an example:

AGsoundtrax "Watermark" 1.Mp3 - Invalid file name format.
AGsoundtrax  Watermark 1.Mp3 - Correct file name format.