Thank you for all of those who upgrade our app license to V2
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AG Watermark Generator App V.2

How can I delete a preset? If you like to delete a preset all you need to do is just select the preset you wish to delete and press the 'Delete' button.(You will prompt to approve your action) 

Schedule 15 Min. Skype Support Chat All of our costumers allow to schedule 15 min. Skype Support chat! Click HERE to make an appointment.

How can I preview the watermark volume?(ver 2.x) Now with ver .2, You can simply preview your watermark volume mix by selection one of your tracks and than pressing the ‘Watermark Preview’ player sidebar button. Also you can watch our basic video tutorial:

AG Watermark Teamiewer Quick Remote Support Already bored of solving technical issues over relentless email threads, live chat rooms leaving no paper trail or annoyed by tech support crews who simply don’t care? We bet you are and that’s why we decided to approach ...

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How can I preview the watermark volume?(V.2.x) Now on v.2 you can simply preview your watermark volume mix by selection on your tracks and press on the ‘Watermark Preview’ Sidebar button. First choose one of your main files than click on the preview button.

How can I recover the factory presets after they was deleted? If you by accident deleted our factory presets, Don’t worry, you can get it back! On a Mac: Please quite ‘AG watermark Generator App’ and go over to your system application folder, find the AGwatermark ...

"Silence between Tracks" has a X around it, Why? This option is available only when merging files together, So please make sure you got checked this option.